Sprinkles & Feathers



 Sprinkles & Feathers applique sewing pattern  by Mandy of Sew Quirky
A note from Sew Quirky about Sprinkles & Feathers:
Get your hands on our FUN and NEW pattern: Sprinkles + Feathers!
If you’re not too keen on the Australian classic spread, Vegemite… then you need to try FAIRY BREAD! Both of these iconic snacks are favorites for not only us Aussies, but our feathered friends (galahs, more commonly known in the USA as cockatoos) love a tasty treat too! I couldn’t think of a more perfect snack for two quirky characters! This textile art will brighten not only a room, but your day too. Full of fun techniques and creative opportunities, this pattern includes templates to make a matching pair. Display in a large poster frame without the glass and showcase all the amazing textures!
Finished size: 24″ x 34″.