Ngurambang Panel – Gulayguli the Pelican and Dhuling – Sand Goanna



Ngurambang Panels by Devonstone.

Ngurambang means ‘Home / Country’ in Wiradjuri language. This Aboriginal owned and run Business was created by Husband and Wife team Danielle and Wayne who are both very passionate about their culture and being able to share it with others.
Top Block – Gulayguli the pelican – When I was little I went fishing out west with my gunhimbang (my mothers brother). I remember asking him “Who is the best fisherman you know?” and he said “There, that’s the best fishermen on country”. He was talking about the pelican – gulayguli

Bottom Block – Dhuling (Sand Goanna) – This painting represents the sand goanna family.

100% Cotton Panel    16″ x 20” / 45 x 50 cm